Areas of competence


The LAJOUX Law Office practices in all areas of criminal law, regardless of whether it is in general criminal law (crimes against individuals and property offences) or in business criminal law (fraud, misuse of corporate assets, breach of trust, money laundering, corruption, influence peddling, taking illegal advantage, tax evasion, etc.).

Whether you are a natural or legal person, the victim or the defendant, our Law Office provides guidance, assistance and protection of your interests before the criminal courts.

We assist our clients in all stages of the proceedings: during investigation (free hearing, police custody, confrontations), during pre-trial (before the examining judge and the judges' council chambers), during judgement and its follow-up.

We also defend our clients before the European Court of Human Rights, in extradition proceedings or in case you ever have to face justice abroad as victim or perpetrator, especially due to our special relationship with other law firms in a large number of European countries and throughout the world.


We advise our clients on the drafting and negotiation of all types of commercial contracts, regardless of whether such contracts are subject to Monegasque law or to foreign laws.

Our Office assists and represents its clients in all kinds of business related litigation, regardless of whether it is about the relationship with their bank or with other credit institutions, about the enforcement of a civil/commercial contract or about an action for non-contractual liability.

Our Office has developed a renowned expertise in handling technical and complex litigation in many areas of activity and we are regularly consulted on how to anticipate situations of conflict and/or to define dispute strategies.

With regard to transnational issues, we set up, guide and coordinate international teams due to our close, trusting and collaborative relationship with various law firms abroad.

We also assist our clients in procedures for international recognition of arbitral awards and foreign judgements.


Our Law Office practices in all communication and press law related areas.

We assist our clients in case of any violation of reputation (defamation, right of reply, notification of illegal information), any violation of a person's image, of respect for privacy rights, of the presumption of innocence or of copyright laws.


The LAJOUX Law Office guides and advises its clients on how to manage and protect moveable and immoveable assets/property.

We assist and represent our clients in all kinds of litigation with regard to their private assets such as successions, winding up of undivided ownership or of property regime.

We support our clients on a recurring basis in the management of their economic assets by providing both advisory and litigation services in respect of property leases and business goodwills.

We also assist our clients in any of their disposals, acquisitions and real estate investments.

Our Office has also developed a renowned expertise in handling technical and complex litigation in real estate law, and especially in construction and co-ownership law.

We know the players in those sectors in Monaco (notaries, real estate experts, architects, engineers) working with us on a regular basis for the purpose of defining and implementing strategies for efficient advocacy.


Our Office has the particularity to act on behalf of employees as well as of businesses/companies, for the plaintiff or for the defendant.

We act on behalf of employees to have a dismissal based upon the violation of an employee's fundamental freedom or a dismissal grounded upon false reasons rendered null and void.

Our Office also ensures the protection of employees with regard to psychological harassment in the workplace.

We also assist and represent employers in proceedings initiated against them by their employees.

Our assistance on behalf of employees as well as of businesses/companies is one of our team's strengths capable of anticipating views and opposing strategies in each file.

We may also assist any business/company when hiring or dismissing an employee.


The LAJOUX Law Office supports all kinds of litigation between the Monegasque public administration and a person, whether it is a natural or legal person.

Our Office defends the interests of individuals with regard to foreign citizens (obtaining a residence permit, filing a naturalisation application, etc.) but also in order to challenge measures restricting freedoms.

We also advise public servants, permanent or contractual agents/staff in the protection of their rights in front of the Monegasque administration and before the Monaco administrative courts.

Our Office advises businesses/companies and organisations in the protection of their projects in case of any conflict with such administration.

Our Office represents clients before the Monaco administrative courts and especially before the Monaco Supreme Court.


The LAJOUX Law Office provides its clients with renowned expertise in defending citizens' fundamental and public freedoms before the European Court of Human Rights.

We assist and represent our clients throughout the whole process, from filing the application to the full hearing, as the case may be.