Areas of competence

General criminal law

Etude Lajoux regularly assists both victims and perpetrators in criminal cases under “common law”.

Criminal business law

Criminal law is one of the daily concerns of the firm and its directors, at the prevention stage or when a dispute arises.

Criminal law concerns contraventions of the Penal Code which are likely to apply to business life and contraventions of the particular economic rules which that Code penalises.

The most frequently penalised offences are theft, handling stolen goods, obtaining property by false pretences, embezzlement, forgery and tax fraud.

Criminal law also covers all offences involved in the formation, operation, financing and dissolution of companies.

Every aspect of business life is therefore concerned since the application of the law can incur severe penalties for the economic participants involved, such as: imprisonment, fines, being prohibited from carrying on a professional activity and the dissolution of the company in question.

Etude Lajoux intervenes as both legal counsel, to manage criminal risk within the company, but also at the contentious proceedings stage to defend you or claim your rights as a party claiming damages in criminal proceedings.

To help you manage criminal risk, Etude LAJOUX advises you in your everyday business activity and on setting up internal procedures to take account of changes in legislation in every area of criminal business law.

To undertake your defence, we accompany you at every stage of the process until the case is heard in court.